Sometimes all you need is a special note written by a complete stranger…


I would be honored to have the opportunity to send you a little letter of encouragement & prayer. You know those days you randomly scroll through Pinterest or lay your Bible open - closer your eyes & point? All to be blown away by some random finding of wisdom that seems to speak right to your very soul? I am not saying I will be able to do this for you. However, maybe through prayer, I could send you something that brightens your day just they way you needed. Maybe I can send you a piece of inspiration that changed my life that could change your tomorrow.

So friend, how are you doing today?

The pursuit of a purpose fully met is all about using resources & the gifts you were given. I would like to thing that words are a gift given to me & I would just love the opportunity to spread that to you.

 - Keep an eye on your emails in the next few days as I prepare a very special note for you. I want it to be just perfect, so it might take me a little bit of time. I am so so excited!-