The Hats I Wear

I bought this hat because I couldn’t wear this other one.

The hat I’m trying to hide was the first purchase. You see, when you & your husband first decide to take the leap & grow your family, you pin all the pins & maybe even purchase a onesie or two to prepare for that special day. The day you get to share the good news.

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Creating a Purposeful Life for Myself, Today

Three actionable steps that helped lead the path to living out my purpose. I cannot be the only one that spends most of their day staring out the window, pretending they are in a music video. Contemplating my past decisions, worrying about my future ones. Every car ride with my husband includes a few moments pause, followed by the question "What are ya doing?" "Thinking..." Answered simultaneously between the two of us. I am guilty. I am an over-thinker. What consumed my bottomless mind most was thinking I wasn't enough or I wasn't doing enough. That needed to end.

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I Found Me in a Book

I bought a book the other day. An actual book that I want to read. Yes, I want to read. If I haven’t made it clear yet, than maybe this will do it for you. I DO NOT READ. That is why you will find so many errors & typos in my posts. That is why you will find that my vocabulary is not very prodigious (I googled that). I find that stories make my mind race & travel & I start to create my own endings. It just takes too much work, am I right? Well, I think I found the solution to my problem.

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