There is an "I" in Instagram

I received one of the saddest, yet sweetest messages last night & I knew I had to talk about it. It brought up an issue that I have been feeling EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. With this beautiful lady bringing this to my attention, it makes me wonder how many others are in our same boat. So ladies, lets talk fear.

I know all to well what it feels like to withhold because you are afraid. Every day I think maybe if I did this sooner I would be further along. I think, well maybe if I talked on my stories then more people would interact with me. The biggest thing? Maybe if my house was bigger, nicer, more done, or if I had more money than I would make more of an impact? Ladies, this is fear talking. Fear is what keeps you from putting yourself out there. Fear is what holds you back from accomplishing your goals. It is all too easy to not make a difference, right? But what is easier? Not working hard & pushing through your fear, or going another day knowing you could have done more? I think we all know the answer to this one.

This can go along with so many different aspects of life. I personally have this big time with my dreams of writing. It took me a very long time to pull the trigger & do this. What I get caught up in, is comparing my home to all the other accounts. You know what though, I love the big new construction homes just as much as the small cozy apartments. I love the talent & the creativeness that people put into their homes. If I feel this way about others, than why can’t I think this is how others think as well? I finally decided to put the fear of what others would think aside & do me. Since then, I have felt more me than ever before.

I am not cut out for the “Instagram career” life. The constant social media gets to me & I give so many props to those who soar with this as their business. But I need to take breaks. A little while ago when I was really active & really pushing to do “better”, I ended up draining myself. I was too afraid to take a break though because I didn’t want to lose my momentum. My momentum for what? Followers? That is why I was like… yeah, you need a break. It turned into a numbers game when I just wanted a creative outlet. So now I take breaks. I don’t pay attention to the numbers. I pay attention to when I need a little creative in my life, when I need a few extra relationships to build, when I need to get my encouragement on & build others up on their cozy homes.

Ladies & gentlemen, do not be afraid to do you. If you continue to build whatever social media platform on what you think others need then you are losing the energy that made you want to do this in the first place. I want to see you! Let us see you & your beautiful home no matter how big or how small. I want to see you in your adorable outfit whether it is Anthro or Goodwill. I want to see your world through your eyes because that is what makes it beautiful!

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