Our Humble Abode

Saturday was a dream. For so long I have attended craft shows & vendor events, wanting to be on the other side. How fun would it be to create something, have your brand, have your style in someones home or hands. How fun would it be to create a small store that is all you. I always thought it would be such a fun things to have a little store or booth. Well Saturday it happened. I finally pulled the trigger & signed up for my first craft show selling home decor that reflects Our Blue Abode to a tee!

Not only did I have a blast creating my line up, but this even far exceeded my expectations. Yes, sales we good & I met my goal & then some. But that was never, has never, & is still never my intent with this. For me, it is all about the service & the potential of it. I worked really hard on making each product with intentional purpose to radiate a welcome atmosphere. I wanted each piece that would enter its new owners home to serve its purpose & just be beautiful. The part that blew me away was the people.

The intention I had for this event was all about seeing if there was a door open for me. Based on the feedback I got all day, that door is wide open. Oh my, everyone was so so sweet. I cannot tell you enough how much each compliment, each encouragement for this little business, & each person that believed in me means to me. Because of all this I really believe that this dream of mine could be a reality. That I can create & design pieces & collections that others love. That I can use my gifts to serve others. Which in the grand scheme of things is what we all search for, right? We all strive to find our purpose & to be purposeful. This might just be mine.

So where do we go from here? What is next for Our Humble Abode? Well… no shock to all, but I have many many ideas in mind. Now to plan the execution. To go step by step, I first wanted to create a social media platform to reflect my vision & plan for our home. Something to showcase the work we are doing & to show others my passions. Done. Next was this. I wanted a hub. A go to. A home for all my ideas. Done. Thirdly was to dabble in the decor. Done. Steps one through three seemed pretty simple & easily laid out, but this is where I struggle. My next goals : Sell home decor online, Attend craft shows/vendor events & wedding shows, Create a service menu & BE THE INTERIOR DECORATOR I WANT TO BE, Host pop up shops with other local vendors to support small business in our area, Collaborate with other creatives, Have a booth where I can consistently have a shop set up for others to visit. That is a lot, isn’t it?! Well now that all my dreams & wishes are out in public, maybe I will be held accountable & you all can make sure these goals get checked off the bucket list!

I guess what it all comes down to is thank you. Thank you for your encouragement. Thank you for allowing me to break my barriers & go through with these dreams. Thank you for listening to my passions & pushing me to pursue them. Thank you.