A Do it Yourself Kind of Cozy

I feel like the word of 2018 in the Instagram home decor world is : cozy. It is for sure the theme I am going for as I decorate & fill each room. The beauty of it is that cozy can be old, new, modern, antique, busy & simple. Cozy is the ambiance of your room glowing by twinkle lights at Christmas time or candles flickering in a row. It is feeling warm & welcomed. For me personally, I love taking things with an old purpose & finding it a new one. I love vintage, antiques, I love full & busy walls! Most of all, which you could all guess, is I love greenery.

I knew I wanted to fill the space behind our bed frame but I wasn’t sure with what. I didn’t want to spend too much money & I wanted it to be somewhat unique. Between all the amazing inspiration on Instagram & Pinterest, I was able to come up with a little design filled with movement & flow yet give a comfortable vibe.

I started with several wooden hoops from Joann’s, a pint of stain we already had in our house (we call it our house stain because it is the only one we use. When I am back home I will be sure to get the details on it!) & lastly I grabbed some of my favorite stems from Hobby Lobby. That is it! That is the beauty of it. This is a three ingredient kind of deal, & that is one I am happy to take part in.

At first I set them out to make a plan & layout. Then I STOPPED OVERTHINKING IT & just went for it! Sometimes the imperfection makes it the most perfect! I fastened the greenery to the hoops using greenery wire & hung them using command strips. You know, in case it did not turn out. But it did! & I love it!

This extra little airy wall collage creates the perfect full & cozy feel without breaking the bank. Best part is it goes with all seasons, especially my Christmas decor! For spring I may add some blooms or some color, but for this time of the year, I am loving the soft contrast of my white walls & forest inspired decor.