HELLO. I want to wish you the warmest welcome here at this little “abode” of mine, where the pursuit of a purpose fully met is always the motive.

I am a wife from the Midwest who loves everything - home. All things creative & organizing fall under my hobby list. Oh, yeah lists do too! Vocalizing my multi-passion obsessions along side my own personal struggles. Doing my best to tell the story that was written for me & help anyone else along the way.

This creative outlet started for me as just that. I worked a 9-5 job staring at a cubicle wall that just was not fueling my passion. Hard part was, I had NO IDEA what my passion was. Can you relate? So here I am. I decided to document my journey to finding what I wanted to be when I grew up. Turns out, I think I found it. This passion for writing has been around me since grade school, but there is no such thing as “Young Authors” for a twenty something.. Writing a book is of course a dream, but can an author write a book & simultaneously hate reading? If so, then maybe I still have a chance. I hope that explains to you the majority of the errors you might find here. Sometimes I have the patience to take my time, but let’s be real. This is more of a vomit-thought game plan. {Can I put that phrase out into this world? I might have limited my audience here.}

So welcome to this hub of thoughts I like to call a blog. My hope & prayer is that I can fill this space with words of encouragement, comfort & grace. That maybe the words I need to say out loud for myself, might just be the words a fellow lost soul needs to hear as well. If that is you, welcome!

I am so glad you are here!

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