Hello, sending you the warmest welcome to my little “abode”.

This is a home to me because it is a space I feel safe to be my full authentic self. I am a self proclaimed multi-passionate mind changer that cannot seem to find or stay in my own lane. Creating a lane for this is actually my number one goal. Whether it be a house project or a letter of encouragement, this feed is pretty full of it all. So thank you. Having an outlet such as this to share these many passions of mine is an outstanding feet. Now to have others to share it with is even more of a blessing.


In need of a little encouragement?

You know those days when you sit in front of your Bible, flick it open to a random page & point to a random paragraph. Hoping that the Word of the Lord will move mountains in your constantly moving mind. He is that powerful. Well, this is sorta like that. If you are in need of a little message from a stranger, I will do the random flip & point in my Bible & share with you, show you that you are not alone. CLICK HERE.


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